Thursday, July 5, 2012

Just a little blog post.

I was so wanting to post on my blog this week, but with all the excitement and "anxiety" of my one friends getting married and this week being so busy I haven't gotten much time!

 I have really been enjoying the weather. It rained some today, which was good because we really needed it! I heard it might get into the 100s on Saturday, much different from the 90s we have been having.

What have I been doing to enjoy this weather warm weather you may ask? Well, mostly weed-whacking. It hard and productive, plus it is my new favourite job to do on the farm-that and mowing the lawn. :D (I hope when I get married I'll mow the lawn, but then again I might not have time to since I'll have children to look after...)

I found another funny Youtube video for y'all to enjoy and since I have to get off, so we can read the Bible and sing Psalms, I will end with that.

And also this nice picture that a friend pinned on Pinterest:




  1. Hi Esther!
    You're good at making your typos big and bold!

    (by sticking them right in the title!)

    Mrs. Proofreader

    1. Lol, I typed it up fast and didn't look at it when I was done. :P
      Thanks though!