Wednesday, June 12, 2013

June 12th 2013 (Photography and memories)

Hey again!

Glad you stopped by again!

The weather has been wonderful outside recently- in the 70s!

I recently went to a birthday party and have taken a couple of picture which I will post.
Also, since I am on the topic of photography, I want to say that I will have a new lens soon, so I am pretty excited about that!

Tabitha and I have continued with our sewing and throughly enjoying it.
We are so blessed to have the means by which we can learn pretty much any skill we want.

The Birthday Sisters (Twins). This is during everyone singing "Happy Birthday". Oh the joy!

This an accidental picture that I took that I thought looked neat!

Asking why she was only given a tiny bit of ice cream or something..haha, love these girls!

Sister love! <3

I was just testing out my ring shots and I am pleased with the outcome!

Can't have a party without the ice cream- can we?

Yeah...I didn't think so!
(It was Breyer's ice cream too!)

Boy being served ice cream. Remember those days?

Uncle holding his nephew- Capturing memories. 
 Not much new here, but thought you would appreciate seeing more of my recent photography.

May the Lord be with you all! : )
Good night!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

"Whatever you have need of..." (William Guthrie)

"Whatever you have need of, you may get, and take, in and through Christ, even whatsoever can do your souls any good." ~William Guthrie

"Ye may use familiarity with God..." (William Guthrie)

"Ye may use familiarity with God to know His will, or purposes, in so far as such knowledge may make you forthcoming to His praise. You may say, "Wilt thou let me know, Lord, what Thou wouldst have me to do in this case, and what is Thy mind in it." God allows you to be familiar with Him, so far as it may make you forthcoming in your duty to His praise." ~William Guthrie

"You may go and tell God..." (William Guthrie)

"You may go and tell God what is wrong with you, either with respect to sin or judgment. Ye may come and tell Him the greatest sin that ever ye committed; think it before Him when ye dare not speak it. Many a time the sin is so heinous that the creature dares not speak it. And yet ye may tell the thing to Him that ye dare not tell to a living creature, for He is the best secretary that ever one had." ~William Guthrie