Thursday, October 31, 2013

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Calming the Storm Within You

       "Devotions" Without "Devotion" by Nancy Leigh DeMoss

Some of us have had devotions, but we have not had devotion. There's a big difference. We may have gone through the motions of reading our Bibles and "saying our prayers" but we have not been cultivating a love relationship with our God. We know alot about Him, but we don't really know Him. 

We are active and busy in a multitude of spiritual activities, but we have lost perspective of who it is that we are serving and why.

The result of our "devotionless" religion is seen in the way we respond to pressure. So many of us as Christian women are chronically stressed out. Everywhere I go, I see it in the eyes of women; I hear it in their voices; and too often I see it when I look in my own mirror. I know what it is to have demands coming at me from every direction. I know what it is to respond of weariness, with an impatient, demanding spirit.

And I know what it is to contend with God Himself, even as my eyes fill up with tears of frustration with myself and my reactions.

I also know that there is only one place where that angry, reactive, overwhelmed self can be transformed---the same place that Mary chose--the feet of Jesus.  I must take a conscious, deliberate, daily choice to sit at His feet, to listen to His Word, to receive His love, to let Him change me, and to pour out my heart's devotion to Him.

When I get into His presence, the whole world looks different. When I draw close to His heart, I find mercy when I know I deserve judgment; I find forgiveness for all my petty, selfish ways;  I find grace for all my inadequacies; I find peace for my troubled heart; I find perspective for my distorted views.

In Him, I find an eye in the midst of the storm.  

Oh, the storm around me may not immediately subside;

but the storm within me is made calm.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

October 24th, 2013 (Photography)

I have been putting off writing a blog post until I had something new to talk about. Well, I have something to talk about- or more than "something".

To start off, my photography is going great! Did two sessions in the last two weeks (one of a family and their kiddos (together and separate, and another of another family of just their kiddos) and I have another one (a 2- year old child's birthday session) this Friday! One a week does not sound like much, I know, but with the editing that goes along with it and all that's related, it keeps me busy!

Although if anyone is wanting to do a session- I am all up for it! Just contact me at:
I am charging $100.00 for one hour session- this includes a CD or Flashdrive with some of the pictures- usually around 15-25- depending on how many turn out. :)

I figured I might as well write this before it gets even more busy! 

The Dillow Family!

Girly loves her bubbles!

Silly Boy!

What a model- this what not staged!

Mommy and daughter playing with bubbles.

Family fun time. :)

Ohhh, caught some "mushy mushy" looks. ;)

A BEAUTY! (Got her looks from Momma too-hehe)

Silly faces :-)
These Pumpkins sure like their pumpkins. ;)
I wonder what she is thinking...."Ohh, how I love my hubby" or
"Yeah, we made these children and I am thankful I have met you, Sweetheart"

Family <3

Now the Beardmore Kiddos!

Brother&Sister Love!

Serious life is indeed....we'll walk this path together!

Siblings. :)

A beauty!

Handsome boy!
My sister and I have been sewing again. I have been learning to play guitar (Yippeee!!!) and I am also going to learn to paint soon. So exciting!!

Going to start school up again as well. :D

Everyone have a great day and thanks again for stopping by!

Hope you enjoyed my photography. God be the glory! :)

Goodnight! <3

(P.S. I think this blog has the most exclamation points ever! ;) )