Saturday, September 13, 2014

Relatives Came For A Visit

Had a great time with my relatives today. Here are some of the pictures I got. (A couple pics were took by others, but with my camera/ lens and some tips of course though!)
Cousin's son- Xavier

Crespo Family :)

My cousin in-law Cesar and son Logan

Isaac "photo-bombing" my cousin-in-law Cesar and son, Logan :P

LOVE THIS ONE of Logan and Cesar

Ohhh, Xavier got in the car, so he wasn't in this picture..but this is still cute! ;)

Daddy and Cesar :)

My cousin, Andrew

My cousin, Lisa

 Lisa again...goofy woman!

 Andrew and Me

Me and Lisa

Cousin's (who passed away) son Isaac

Me, Lisa, and Isaac


Me and Isaac...the handless dude  haha...(that is only a joke..he does have both hands!)

My other cousin, Amy and I

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